CLAAS tractors comprise more than 50 models with a range from 75 hp to 530 hp. At SELLARS you have a huge choice of tractors with models in the XERION, AXION, ARION, ATOS, ELIOS and NEXOS ranges.

The ELIOS tractor can reach places that are inaccessible to conventional tractors, such as confined spaces and steep slopes.

The NEXOS is narrow, so ideal for working in vineyards, orchards or any narrow spaces.

The ATOS offers TWINSHIFT transmission for two powershift speeds or TRISHIFT for three powershift speeds.

The ARION 400 is avaliable in three versions - Standard, CIS and CIS+. The ARION 500 - 600 has a fully powershifted HEXASHIFT transmission with HEXACTIV auto-shift function, cruise control and SMART STOP.

We also offer the full range of CLAAS AXION tractor. These provide enormous pulling power for highly demanding applications, great ease of operation and a wealth of intelligent systems.

The XERION models are large tractors with up to 530 hp and efficient, high-performance drive train.

Each series has been designed to help you tackle different challenges. The teams at any of our six SELLARS dealerships can give you the full details about each series and advise you on your tractor purchase.

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