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Whether you choose a disc mower or a drum mower, CLAAS mowers achieve the perfect cut, every time. At SELLARS you can buy DISCO disc mowers and CORTO drum mowers.

The DISCO range’s MAX CUT mower bar creates top chop quality. The machines run smoothly, even at high speeds. Diesel consumption is low on these models, and the SAFETY LINK that protects the drive train is quick to replace when you need to.

The CORTO range of drum mowers offer you the choice of a front-mounted, rear-mounted, or a trailed machine. In the case of the front-mounted machines, PROFIL linkage geometry gives you three-dimensional ground-contour following.

The working widths on the CORTOs range from 1.85 m to 3.05 m. You can adjust the cutting height on all the models. Visit or call your nearest SELLARS to find out more.

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