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AXION does the job, day-in, day-out

The past two years have been ones of considerable change for the Stracathro Estate as it moves from being a predominantly arable farm to where cropping for a new Gas-to-Grid AD plant now predominates, resulting in a complete machinery re-think.

To reflect this change, working with local CLAAS dealer SELLARS, director Gordon Cairns has also had to review the farm’s machinery and tractor fleet in order to meet the new demands of the AD plant.

As part of this review, a new 325hp AXION 920 has been added to the farm’s existing 340hp XERION 3300 and 3-year old 385hp AXION 940.

The AXION just keeps pulling and has the ability to just get on with the job day-in, day-out. The cab provides the drivers with a very comfortable workplace, which is important over a long day.

Both the AXION are fitted with GPS steering, using the latest S10 terminals receiving a signal from our own RTK mast, which in combination with the power performance of the AXION tractors will ensure that we can get the most out of them and the machinery they are operating.

Gordon Cairns

Stracathro Estate

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