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LEXION 7500 - Guthrie Whyte, Kincardineshire

Having run the same combine for the last 12 years, this season has seen a fairly significant changing of the guard at the Whyte family’s Bent Farm in eastern Scotland.

"Our old LEXION 570C was fantastically reliable and we never really had any issues with it, but I was concerned that with 12 harvests under its belt we might be pushing our luck, so last summer we had a demo of a new 760 as well as several other coloured machines. We were really impressed with it and so signed up to have one for this harvest. Once the deal was done we then were offered the option to switch to a pre-production 7500 so long as we kept it under our hats!"

With the 7500 we can comfortably clear 10-12 acres an hour in 8-9t/ha spring barley so long as the weather behaves.

That’s at least a third more than the old 570C. The increased output is fantastic and has really helped us this harvest as it’s been so catchy with showers and days of rain.

The new touchscreen is superb. It’s really easy to quickly access the settings you require and see what effect altering them has on the machine’s performance. You can’t really go wrong with it.

But ultimately our choice of machine is all based on the support we get from our dealer SELLARS. Their staff are just brilliant – they always make the effort to come out and make sure things are running smoothly and if we need anything they’ll bring it straight over.

Guthrie Whyte

Whyte Farmers

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