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CONVIO FLEX - Andrew Smurthwaite

With land stretching across a 40-mile area from the banks of the Firth of Forth south into the Scottish Borders, Rosebery Estates has a wide variety of landscapes across its farmland. Much of the cropped area is undulating, sloping ground which presents its challenges when trying to get the most out of a single high-output combine.

So last season the team at Rosebery were given the opportunity to trial a prototype 13.8m CONVIO FLEX header. Pretty quickly it proved itself and convinced Mr Smurthwaite to order one for the 2019 season.

Moving to the 13.8m CONVIO header we immediately saw a 15-20% increase in combine output.

I wasn’t keen on the idea of going to a third-party supplier for the header because I wasn’t convinced we’d get the excellent level of back-up that we do with Tommy Malcolm and the team from SELLARS. With the CONVIO we know we’ll get properly looked after all the way through.

Andrew Smurthwaite

Rosebery Estates

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